Leave the city behind, move to the country, make soap.

I just love the story of the Conterio family who in 2006 decided to pack it all in and move to a small farm in the Kouga Mountains with their daughters, 6 horses, 3 dogs and 10 cats. And so the small family soap business was started. Their passion has been to make totally natural soap, which contains no artificial fragrances, preservatives, stabilizers or colourants.

“We are ex-Capetonians who are now living a very different lifestyle in the mountains of the Eastern Cape on our small farm and we are so grateful that our small soap business allows us to do this. Our soap is posted to customers all over South Africa and we’re hugely proud of it!”

Each bar of African Bliss soap is made by hand, right down to the cutting and wrapping and therefore each bar is totally unique.

“Our packaging was designed by another ex-Capetonian, Caitlin Truman-Baker, who is now based in Plettenberg Bay, where she runs her own design company.”

They sourced ingredients from all over South Africa, trying to find exactly the right blend to make this a totally natural
and environmentally friendly product. All of the soaps are coloured using only plants, herbs and spices. The beeswax & honey is harvested directly from the hives, it is not bleached and remains in its natural form.

Go read more about this family’s idyllic farm life on their blog http://www.africanbliss.blogspot.com/ and order some soap!


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