Retro inspired ceramics

Katherine Jollye is an architect who’s always busy making new things. I’ve featured her lovely Christmas cards here before and this time I chatted to her about her cool new range of ceramics.

When did you start venturing into ceramics?

Ceramics is a new endeavour for me, and so far I’m loving every moment of making them.  An architect by trade, these are a way for me to express my creativity and focus on some of the details that fill the spaces I create.  These are the first in the range, with a few more design that will be ready to go in a few weeks.  New pieces will be added regularly, and I’m already planning to extend the range to include other items of tableware.

Where did you get the inspiration for this range?

I have always loved ceramics, especially old dinner services and tea sets.  This love comes from my mum and grandmother who passed on the habit of turning things over to see what make they are.  It was inevitable that at some stage I would want to make my own.  The faceted cups are a current day take on nostalgic shapes that we all grew up with.  The textures are influenced by daily objects that I come across.  Their familiarity is what endears them to me.

Where can we buy it?

The range is so new that I have not finalised stockists yet.  However they are available from me directly, and I can ship to anywhere.  Email to order.


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