Meet Artist Kevin Collins

Kevin Collins

Kevin Collins – Oil on canvass – 60 cm x 60 cm

Kevin Collins

A moments silence – Oil on canvass 60cm x 60cm by Kevin Collins

Mrs Matisse had a beautiful Family – Oil on canvas, 1 x 1 m. by Kevin Collins

Kevin Collins is an established artist  and strategist who divides his time between Hyde Park and Greenpoint. He’s also a fantastic cook, an ex-Vega lecturer and a dead ringer for Stephen Fry, only more handsome.

Five things he likes:

1] The magical dessert tummy which emerges after great meals allowing one to tuck away a tasty treat even when full.

2] The slurping sound as one sucks up the last few drops of a lime milkshake especially in a Karoo town on your way to the seaside (without your mother threatening to klap you).

3] The suburban silence that settles over Johannesburg as we get over the 16th of December.

4] The smell of puppies – much like burnt pap in the early morning on a farm.

5] Any of the glorious paintings that Mark Rothko did for the Seagram building in NY (now in the Tate modern).

You can see some more of his painting here (some are still available).


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