Presents in the Post prezzie giveaway!


So it’s Christmas time and the lovely Presents in the Post team is giving away a lovely present (which will, of course, come in the post), but in order to win this present you’ll have to write a few lines of your own story that explains how the present gets from the designer to postboxes around the country. Easy kapeasy.

But you’ll have to be quick because sign-up for Christmas presents on their site ends on Wednesday.

The person who wins can have their choice of either the little girl present, the boy present, or the grown up girl present.

Listen to Raj’s Story for some inspiration and have look around their site. You can post your little story in the comments box below.


13 thoughts on “Presents in the Post prezzie giveaway!

  1. This is a story that has passed from generation to generation, and has not been widely known to most.. and is potentially becoming a myth in our technological age. In fact most people do not believe the tale once told and dismiss it as hogswhallop.
    But for those of you who do believe… the story begins in the tinkering shop of the designer, the dreamer as it were. This dreamer conjures up the most fantastical of designs, sparing neither form or function and using such vivid colours that we can only recall from our childhoods. Once complete, the dreamer carefully places his creation in a thick cushioning of thoroughly chewed bubblegumwrap. Cautiously placing a long straw into the cushioning, he begins to blow so as to create a protective sphere around the design. The design hovers in the bubble as if by magic, floating effortlessly. This pretty in pink parcel is then stuck to a specially designed massive tortoiseshell backpack, that is carried by a delivery man on a bicycle who whizzes down the streets in search for the lucky recipient. When he finally arrives at the owner, of the gift to be, he bursts the bubble to reveal and deliver the design. However, this technique had yet to be perfected and sometimes the design got covered in the bubblegumwraps sticky coating, and was totally ruined. Hence why to this day we use the expression “Burst a bubble” to refer to something we were looking forward to that gets ruined.

  2. There’s a little girl who blows magical soap bubbles that transports the gifts one, by one to their destination. When the bubble gets over your house, it busts and the gift falls from the sky into your post box.

  3. A secret society of moles with a large underground network pop up at night in the designers’ workrooms, they take the presents, strap it to their backs and make their way through the warren of secret passages to where the receiver lives. They pop up and plonk it down.

  4. A strong sea wind from the North Pole blows the presents to their destination. So if you hear the leaves rustling in the tree outside your window, you should know a present is on its way.

  5. Times are tough and the tooth fairy is behind on her bond payments for her castle. So she’s been forced to take up second job after hours. She delivers gifts both for Santa and for Presents in the Post.

  6. This story begins with a magical workshop, on an island somewhere off the coast of Cape Town, invisible to the passing eye. There, among the sounds of whirring and ticking, a package lies ready to be delivered to you, somewhere in South Africa. No address is printed on the package, yet the whimsical journey awaiting it has been planned from the moment the present began to take shape.

    Legend has it that the mystical package is gently carried to the edge of the island. Here, hidden by the sound of the crashing waves, a most peculiar phenomenon takes place. So peculiar that most deny it as ludicrous, nonsensical drivel. A small grey bird with a large beak swallows the present whole! Of course, it would be impossible for a small bird to eat a gift more than ten times it’s size, which is why so few believe the tale. I, however, have once witnessed this fantastic occurrence myself – quite by chance – and I can tell you what happens next is most implausible, and quite fantastic. That little grey bird, small enough to nest comfortably in the palm of my hand, begins to grow. He grows and he grows. His wings become large enough to span a small automobile; his feet become the size of dinner plates. As he grows, he fills, not only with the present inside of him, but with the most tremendous excitement. The kind of excitement too marvelous not to share. As he and his delight grow, he overflows with a loud “kaw!” of exhilaration. He kaws and he kaws, elated by the joy he know he bestows inside him!

    He flaps his wings and takes flight, kawing all the way, sharing his delight! He kaws and he flies, he flies and he kaws, all the way to his destination where he quietly leaves his bundle of happiness on your doorstep.

    This magical bird is visible to all, though they know not of the exhilaration behind his joyful call, nor of the delightful gift he carries inside him, nor of the wonder he brings to children all across the country. They know him only as the Hadeda, a large bird with a loud kaw.

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