Meet illustrator, Mr Christi du Toit

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Christi du Toit is a talented young illustrator from Cape Town who’s about to start his 2nd year in Graphic Design at AAA School of Advertising.

Things he likes:

+ Well, I’m loving the Cape Town vibe. Growing up in a little coastal town always made me feel that going to Cape Town  is almost like stepping into an amazing new world, and now I get to experience it every day.

+ I have a huge appreciation for illustration/art/design that’s done by hand. Traditional methods seem very true to the creator of the work and gives it an honest feeling, which is why I do most of my linework by hand.

+ I love technology. Without it, I probably wouldn’t be in contact with you right now, and in general it just makes things simpler, and creates new possibilities.

+ I’m a cartoon fanatic. In fact, I’m pretty sure I watch more cartoons and animated movies than most kids.

+ Lastly I love painting. I just wish I had more time to practice it. Even though it’s something I’m not particularly good at, it always makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something, even more so than doing digital pieces.

See more of his work:

Thanks Christi!


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