Start something


The New Year is usually a time for Intro/Outro-spection. Please watch this wonderfully inspirational video about Empathy and the reason we need to step outside ourselves and discover the lives of other people and other civilizations in order to find life/design/creative solutions.



Solve problems.


In a great little post by Seth Godin he talks about how it’s much harder to initiate something new (a blog, an illustration, an exhibition, an Instagram photo or a Facebook status) than it is to copy edit or criticise. People are often quick to point out that there’s a spelling mistake, that it’s been done before or that it’s no good and although criticism plays an important part in growth and development,  it’s important that we don’t become habitual critics or idea poopers.

So this year let’s rather become habitual creators and innovators who live and create from a place of empathy.

Start something.

(Another great article on Empathy in Creativity and Design Thinking.)


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