In my neighbourhood

Whippet Linden

Whippet LindenWhippet LindenWhippet LindenWhippet LindenWhippet LindenWhippet Linden

My husband and I just had breakfast at the lovely new coffee shop The Whippet in Linden and I took some photos of this great new spot. Not only do they make a mean breakie, they also sell some great local coffees/ceramics/cakes/pickled goodies/teas etc. They aim to support local butchers and bakers and have a great neighbourhood-centred philosophy:

“The Whippet will be South Africa’s first neighborhood inspired coffee shop and the start of South Africans rediscovering their neighborhoods and their own history.

We had this dream about fundamentally changing the coffee shop industry in South Africa while at the same time celebrating South Africans and their neighbourhoods.

We want South Africans to reconnect with their neighborhoods and history. The Whippet tries to achieve just that as we celebrate the butchers, the baristas, the bakers, the growers, the business men and women and the artists that make our neighborhoods tick. This is the story of 3 entrepreneurs with a passion for South Africa (Divan, Roelita and Jaco) and our story of creating South Africa’s best new coffee shop.”

They host some great coffee tasting events and they stay open for drinks some Friday evenings.

Join their Facebook Page:

Visit their blog:

Follow them on Twitter: @TheWhippetZA


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