Aurora – a collection of female illustrators

adrie-le-rouxAdrie Le Roux

adrie-le-rouxAdrie Le Roux

Adrie Le Roux

kirsten-beets_aurora-2_enamel-paint-on-transparency_160x200mm_hrKirsten Beets


Kirsten Beets

kirsten-beets_mans-best-friend_oil-paint-and-pencil-on-paper_130x190mm_hrKirsten Beetskirsten-sims
Kirsten Simskirsten-sims_day-121_imaginary-friends_ink_215x95mmKirsten Sims

kirsten-sims_day-50_yoga-time_mixed-media-archival-inkjet-print_1-of-1_170x240mmKirsten Sims

maria-lebedeva_lost-songs-3_charcoal-and-pencil_160x160mmMaria Lebedeva

maria-lebedeva_lost-songs-8_watercolour-and-charcoal_130x130mmMaria Lebedeva

maria-lebedeva_lost-songs-37_watercolour-and-pencil_180x180mmMaria Lebedeva

Don’t miss the enchanting Aurora all-female illustration show by Kirsten Beets, Maria Lebedeva, Adrie Le Roux and Kirsten Sims at Salon91 in Cape Town until the 23rd of Feb.


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