Paul Senyol & Wesley van Eeden

Paul Senyol

The Candlestick Maker by Paul SenyolPaul Senyol

Shy Girl by Paul SenyolPaul Senyol

The Butcher by Paul Senyol
Paul Senyol

Fancy Girl by Paul SenyolPaul Senyol

The Baker by Paul Senyol

Wesley van EedenAkivivi by Wesley van Eeden

I’ve been away for a while and I’ve missed quite a few things including this exhibition by Wesley van Eeden and Paul Senyol at A word of Art.

So it’s a bit late, but here’s some of their beautiful work from their recent exhibition.

Transformative explored the notions of reality in society in a constant stage of change. Van Eeden was taken by the idea of how something we do today will have a certain influence on the way we live tomorrow, next week, a month from now and for many years to come. Trying to grapple for a grasp on the present moment, we find ourselves in eternal stages of change. Senyol took a deeper look at the very fabric of his everyday life and those who orbit his existence as a starting point.”

via 10and5


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