Adorable Feat Socks

FEATsplash-page-imageladies-lilac-cat-face-front_610Wladies-beige-scallop_610WFeat Sockspackage-grey-vermicelli_610Wladies-pastel-cat-face_610WDSC_0570Feat Socks

I’m a sucker for a cute pair of socks and if they’re local my toes curl with delight.

“Cape Townians Alison and Chelsey are two best friends whose dreams and adventures have always been cushioned by a pretty pair of socks. At age eight and nine, their friendship bloomed in dance class, wearing little, lacy, ribboned toe-socks.

By age thirteen, they were stealing Ali’s older sister’s socks to slide around muddy paddocks with horses. Today, in their early twenties, they have decided to take their love affair with socks more seriously, with all the joy and frivolity of those two silly little girls.”


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