Alexander’s Band of merry illustrators



Alexander's bandDavid Maclennan

David Maclennan

Hanno Van Zyl

Hanno van Zyl

Alice Edy

Alice Edy

Jade Klara

Jade Klara


Adam Hill

Looking for a talented local illustrator? Check out the brand new illustration representation service Alexander’s Band.

Alexander’s  Band  hosts only the finest South African illustrators and we launch with an impressive array of artists, all lovely people and every one utterly saturated in über impressive talent.

Our artists have all been hand-picked as leaders in South African illustration with each representing different yet equally accomplished styles. They are Alice Edy, Adam Hill,  Joey Hi-Fi, David Maclennan, Emma Cook, Gareth Jones, Hanno Van Zyl, Jade Klara, Robyn Mitchell, Ryan De Carte and Si Maclennan.

We’re excited to work with commissioners of illustration from all fields!”



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