De Stadler Hall

399848_423546447740813_395983738_n De Stadler HallDe Stadler HallDe Stadler HallDe Stadler HallDAVID-BRITS-ZEBU-PRINT-PRINT-IN-SITU

My friend Magriet recently sent me one of these beautiful notebooks. I’m a sucker for a notebook and these are even more beautiful in real life. They’re made in Cape Town by David Brits and this is his lovely story which is printed on the first page:

My name is David Brits. I grew up in a 265 year old Cape Dutch Homestead that has been in my family – the De Stadlers –  for 7 generations. With thick stone walls and a thatched roof it is a home brimming with history. As a child I was surrounded by old, interesting things – antique furniture, maps, old photographs, books, and family bibles – heirlooms that instilled in me a great affinity for objects and images from the past.

The images on these notebooks, prints and cards are derived from an illustrated dictionary that belongs to my grandfather, one of South Africa’s top snake catchers and herpetologists. Published in London in 1930, the dictionary was brought from England to South Africa by my grandfather when he was stationed in Cape Town as a specialised aircraft welder during WW2. These images have been chosen not only as a tribute to my own heritage, but also to the rich history of the Cape that I was so privileged to have been surrounded by growing up.

This is my story, what’s yours?

Have a look at their range of cards and notebooks:


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