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Milkshed is a wonderful NGO with a simple story – they take reclaimed wood and transform it into works of art and then they use all the profits for social change. That’s pretty incredible.

“We care about the integrity of wood. A lot. Our products are all made from reclaimed wood and when each piece arrives at the Milkshed its destiny is determined not by some preplanned design but rather by its unique character. This process is facilitated by a team of talented individuals who transform the wood into something truly special.

Following this bout of design and handcrafted magic our furniture is sold to its new owner via our online shop. It’s at this point that things really get exciting and the reason being is that every cent of profit, that’s right, every cent, from the sale of each item is channeled into doing good. We decided on ‘Something Good’  as a collective name for our projects, which range from fixing up a dilapidated school on the outskirts of Cathcart to making life a little easier for Mrs Zonde by supplying her with much-needed plastic gloves so she can continue her home-based care in rural Mandeni.

Our main aim is to change perceptions about giving; to show the high impact value that a combination of small changes can have.”

Where can you buy their furniture?

“Our website and online shop will be live soon but in the meantime you can contact us directly on or keep in the loop at or @Milkshed.”


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