Behomm – A travel revolution for designers and artists

Amsterdam ID64-225m2_1Amsterdam

Barcelona ID31-90m2Barcelona


Moss, Norway_ID247_100m2_1_1Moss, Norway

San Francisco ID49-200m2_1San Francisco

Vancouver (Canada) ID84-225m2_2_1Vancouver, Canada

Are you designer or an art professional with a great home? Behomm is a great new home exchange community for design and art professionals and they now have memberships in South Africa.

“The reason Behomm only focusses on designers and visual artists is because they tend to show their love of beauty in their home aesthetics and they have common interests and passions that make for an easy exchange fit.”

Behomm represents a wide range of artistic professionals, from architects to art directors, ceramic artists to fashion stylists (there’s even a list you can check on the site) in places from Amsterdam to Tokyo, San Francisco to Morocco, Cape Town and hundreds of places between.

Behomm was created by Barcelona-based graphic designers Agustí Juste and Eva Calduch, longtime home exchangers with a passion for aesthetics and travel. After spending long hours every year picking through crowded exchange sites to find appealing homes that met their interests, they realized that nearly all of the members on their list were creative professionals like themselves.

Their vision: “At Behomm we believe home exchange is not just about finding free accommodation around the world,” says Juste, “It’s about sharing and making personal connections. Through Behomm, we want to change the way our community of designers and visual artists travel, making the world a friendlier place.”

Behomm has since blossomed into a fast-growing community with beautiful homes of all shapes and sizes, wrapped in an elegantly simple site design.

“We hope to link beauty lovers worldwide,” says Calduch, “it’s really exciting to see this community grow so fast and with such beautiful homes and interesting people.”

Go check out their site and see you how the exchange works:



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