Broken Foot Drawings

FLYERScream + Koos GroenewaldGun  + Koos GroenewaldSNAKE  + Koos GroenewaldSkate  + Koos GroenewaldSKULL  + Koos GroenewaldDOG  + Koos GroenewaldAim + Koos GroenewaldSpiderwoman + Koos Groenewald

The very talented Jo’burg based creative Koos Groenewald has a brand new social media exhibition coming up. It’s such a fresh and interesting way of selling art and it’s hopefully a trend we’re going to see more of in the future.

Broken Foot Drawings is an Instagram exhibition of 22 original ink and watercolour artworks/illustrations for sale at 18:30 on Tuesday the 11th February.

The rules are simple – Follow @Koooooos (six o’s),  first person to comment and #SOLD and their email address on each new post is the new owner. If after 24 hours I haven’t gotten email response from the first buyer, the sale goes to second person to comment. So it’s worth trying even if you aren’t first.

Artworks will can be collected at a location, TBC, or sent to buyers if they are outside of  JHB.


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