Illustrator Isaac Kosmides

Isaac KosmidesIsaac KosmidesIsaac KosmidesIsaac KosmidesIsaac Kosmides

Handsome Things chatted to illustrator Isaac Kosmides about his background, exhibitions and inspiration.

I studied at Vega back in 2003, but otherwise haven’t had any formal artistic training; I’ve just always had a passion for sketching and illustration. I am a creative boy, so have always had a leaning toward it professionally, by day I’m a textile & homeware designer, and also a features writer for Spliced Magazine (”

Inspirations – there are so many to choose from. The upsurge in local talent is amazing. Fresh and fluid and ingenuitive. Though the best thing I’ve seen most recently was a multi-coloured crayon scribble by my 2 year old nephew; when I asked him what it was, he said it was ‘a birthday‘.”

The exhibition was held last September at King Kong in the Joburg CBD, titled ‘Feral‘ which I did as a two-hander with Lauren Schlachter on the often blurred lines between gentility and the animalistic in human nature. We’ve both got a love of the subject, as well as inherent leanings towards the mythological, so the pairing was most serendipitous. The show was curated by The Brr.”

You can see more work on his blog:


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