beertjie by skraalboner by skraalconehead by skraalskraal - irskraal.compeckerhead skate board by skraalpeckerhead skate by skraalpeckerhead by skraalthom by skraalthom by skraal


So in all these years I’ve never featured the dude I’m married to, Paolo Grippa, aka Slim, aka Skraal. But with his birthday coming up I thought that, even though he’ll protest, I’ll do what his mom usually does whenever people visit, I’ll show off of his work.

Slim is a commercials director at Egg Films and he’s also a constant doodler. He’s always drawing, carving, molding or creating something, usually scary things. I reckon it’s that music he listens to.

If you’d like to see more of his scary things  check out his website:




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