Artist Maja Maljević

Maja Maljević-Red-on-Pink-2012-Ink-on-Paper-Drawing-LR2Maja Maljević-Open-to-me-Monoprint-with-drypoint-and-linocut-2013-LR1-900x763Maja Maljević -Bird-Head-2012-Ink-on-Paper-Drawing-LR1-900x717Maja Maljević -5-2012-Ink-on-Paper-Drawing-LR-900x531Maja Maljević -Like-to-Stack-2012-Ink-on-Paper-Drawing-LR1-900x712Maja Maljević -1-2012-Ink-on-Paper-Drawing-LR-900x675

Maja Maljević -Blob-2012-Ink-on-Paper-Drawing-LR1Maja Maljević -Very-Small-Mark-On-A-Surface-3-900x594


Maja Maljević is a Jo’burg based artist who was born in Belgrade, Serbia in 1973. She graduated from the School for Design in the department of Graphic Design, Belgrade in 1992 and immigrated to South Africa in 2000. She completed a residency at NIROX (Cradle of Humankind) in 2011 and has had many solo exhibitions in Jo’burg, Cape Town and Belgrade.

“To capture and describe my creative process is like putting music into words – something essential gets lost in translation. How can you record the emotional volume present in the art of listening?

Painting requires experience, dedication, boredom, excitement, dissatisfaction and an eye for possibilities. You have to acknowledge the past and at the same time retune the present without the fear of originality or influence. You have to enjoy the process of painting, playing with variety and assembling style.

I enjoy a visual ensemble that includes the figurative and the abstract, the organic and geometric, the obvious and the elusive. Put them all together and you get an eclectic remix where any one thing can be something else. A portrait can rise out of a still life, a still life can descend into a landscape, a finger is a toe and two legs, slightly parted, might be a whisper.

To make something is to sound its own purpose, its own existence.”


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