Again and Again by Nina Torr

Nina Torr

Nina Torr

Nina Torr

Nina Torr

Nina Torr


Nina Torr

There are only 3 days left to see artist and illustrator Nina Torr’s beautiful and haunting exhibition Again and Again.

“In the follow-up from her previous solo exhibition at In Toto Gallery, Torr is still very much concerned with the happenings of animals and what they reveal about our own situations. She makes use of a broad range of imagery and references and is drawn to the curious ways these images assemble themselves in one’s mind.

Again and Again takes the form of a cyclorama broken into several parts. The world follows the journeys of a number of figures during a brief moment in time. There are the yellow dogs who just can’t get any rest, poor things. There are empty landscapes that don’t quite know what to do with themselves. Sleeping whales glide past along with travelling salesmen and some very docile suns and moons. Most of the animals are retired, but they try to keep busy. Sometimes we get an idea of what goes on even further behind the scenes, where things may —or may not— even be happening. Torr documents her internal landscape; at times it presents itself as fully-formed images.

More often than not, they take the form of hallucinatory landscapes filled with mental debris. We see things near and far at the same time, again and again.”

The exhibition is on until 30 November at In Toto Gallery 6 Birdhaven Centre, 66 St Andrew Street, Birdhaven, Johannesburg.


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