Iliso Labantu township photography collective

Lindeka Qampi

Lindeka Qampi

Mandla Mnyakama

Mandla Mnyakama


“Lulama TOILETS”



Brice Kimbembe

Brice Kimbembe



Mandla Mnyakama

Mandla Mnyakama

MANDLA Mnyakama

Mandla Mnyakama

Iliso Labantu

Iliso Labantu is township based photography collective documenting contemporary life in South Africa. The group also provides skills, support, and opportunities for developing photographers.

Iliso Labantu is a collective of photographers who live and work in the townships around Cape Town. We collaborate and work independently. We meet to critique our work with other professional photographers. We exhibit our work in the galleries and museums throughout Cape Town and internationally. We work on commission and we license our work for publication. Some of us have been photographing for years, others are novices.”


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