Artist Marna Hattingh

2015-Little-Things Marna Hattingh

Little Things by Marna Hattingh – Young Collector’s Exhibition
Marna Hattingh

What I’m really thinking, 2015 – Memories in Motion

Marna Hattingh

Nowhere Song II, 2015 – Memories in Motion

Marna Hattingh

Group, 2015 – Memories in Motion

Marna Hattingh

Moment, 2015 – Memories in Motion

Marna Hattingh is an incredibly talented contemporary artist and children’s book illustrator based in Cape Town.  She recently took part in a group exhibition called Memories in Motion at the M Contemporary gallery in Sydney,  Australia.

“Hattingh’s work travels between a hybrid of fine art, literature and the complexities or contemporary life. She interrogates and articulates its collective emotions and the result is simultaneously humorous and serious, rendering it poignant and engaging.
 These intricately worked paintings, each containing it own complex narrative, have an immediacy that is difficult to ignore. Her distinctive graphic style is deeply layered and functions as a hyper-textual visual language, which allows the viewer to be rewarded with an awareness of the poetic and lyrical within his/her own wilderness. Hattingh works in a range of media including drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture.”

Marna will also take part in the upcoming Young Collector’s Exhibition by Fried Contemporary Art Gallery curated by Shenaz Mahomed.  5 September – 3 October.


One thought on “Artist Marna Hattingh

  1. I have a painting of you called Stillewe, that I inherited from a family member.
    It was framed by Union Art Centre in Rissik Street Johannesburg.
    There are however no date on it to tell when it was framed.
    Kind regards.

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