Bad ass yarn graffiti

Yes, it’s called yarn graffiti/bombing and no it’s anything but bad ass. In fact, it couldn’t be daintier, prettier or more perfect if it was made from unicorn nostril hair. The talented Isabeau Joubert from Isabeau Peep created this beautiful installation for the Dear Me/Tjing Tjing Bar event TOGETHER.

“We decided that the staircase leading from the exhibition space to the bar would be a great place for a dainty, Victorian style yarn bombing. Something that the Thursday fine diners would also enjoy and completely versatile to take off and/or dye in any colour. (the ultimate room accessory)

All together it adds up to about 4 meters of fine lace work, 2 weeks of non-stop till late night work and 5 hours to put up/install. So worth it.”

Oh yes it was. Thanks so much Isabeau, you can bomb my house any time.

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Doily Love by Isabeau Peep

IsaBeauPeep Mat – single thread t-shirt fabric – Black – R800 (lighter but chunky) Available at VAMP

IsaBeauPeep Mat – single thread industrial rope with single builders’ cotton rope – Green, Black, Natural – R850

IsaBeauPeep Mat – Double thread industrial rope with single chunky thread in the centre – Red & Yellow – R1200

Crocheted Doily Mat – 2 x 3mm nylon rope thread. Black. 90cm (width)  – R850 (some of her items are available at The Fringe on Kloof)

Isabeau not only creates the loveliest crochet and knitted things, she’s also Cape Town’s undisputed yarn bombing queen. We chatted to Isabeau about ‘slow design’ and her love of yarn.

I see on your blog you’ve also taken the Handmade pledge, do you think South Africans have become more aware of the value of Handmade?

Yes, I pledged to go Handmade because I feel we should keep skills and techniques alive that’s been serving us so well for generations – it’s part of our heritage/culture. The awareness of the value of handmade is definitely starting to take root in South Africa, people are embracing goodness & quality; ‘slow’ design – probably an idea started with the ‘slow food’ movement.

What is your background and how did you get into crocheting?

I’ve got a graphic design & marketing background, but the crocheting started when I was small, I lost the technique and picked it up again a few years back – I fell in love with the feel, the process and the authenticity of working with yarn/thread to create a product.

Any new products/exhibitions/bombings on the horizon?

At the moment I’m working with Virgin Active on ‘getting everyone legwarmer ready’ as part of their latest campaign. I’m also working on a personal yarn bombing project where I’ll be playing with different techniques. On the product side,  I’m making my pretty doily mats & welcome mats with a launch coming in November for a brand-new product line that I’m very excited about… top secret for now tho’:)

Thanks Isabeau!